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It's a New Year and I've decided I want to do the A Doll A Week challenge as part of my larger Project 365. Basically, the idea is to post at least one doll photo a week. While it is easy to add the photo onto Flickr, I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about the doll on here as well.

The photo today is of a Hujoo Nano Freya. For Christmas, I ordered a couple of Freyas (a grey and a white) for my husband because he's all about anthro cat-girls. Junky Spot sent along this Nano Freya for free, and actually I adore her. Not sure of the name yet, although I'm leaning towards Luna or Felicity? She's hanging out on my desk, since she's ABS plastic and doesn't break when she gets knocked over. Tsuki (the black cat) has already pushed her down a couple of times, LOL.

As it happens, Bob wasn't that keen on the full-sized Freyas (he didn't like their big heads), so I may sell them on Ebay. He actually liked the Nano Freya better, so if I can sell the other two, I'll get him a little one and he can keep it on his desk. Bob's rather meh about dolls, although he admires the Dollfie Dreams, but they are way out of his price range. He collects action figures and plushies, though.
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Ah, Bluefairy, you live to troll your customers, don't you? First you spring the White Choice, then right after that the tan Marine dolls, and now there's a chance to get your choice of Shiny Fairy May sculpts.

I admit to being tempted, but I just don't collect that size of doll. But I always thought the first Shiny Fairy May sculpt was really cute. Still, I prefer to stay in the MSD size, so I can switch out eyes, wigs and clothes at will. Also, I'm holding out for a Somang release.

Bob did let me order another doll, a Luts Kid Delf Peach (that wig hides a lot of her face--here's a bit more detail). I think she'll make a nice sister (and cat-girl!) for Ciaran, since Kaj just doesn't look that much like him. (Ciaran and Kaj were supposed to be cat-boy twins, but their sculpts were so different that I couldn't make it work for me.)

I like the upturned eyes of this sculpt and her pursed lips. She's a cutie! I almost thought about getting a boy version of the doll instead, but honestly, girl clothes are easier to make, and Bob is rather meh about my boy dolls. I do eventually want to get a Bluefairy Kyle boy, though. No hurry.

Anyway, I have some brown ED eyes coming in that were meant for another doll, but I've grown to like the eyes I have in that doll now. So I'm going to try those brown eyes in Kaj, and the new doll (tenatively named "Niamh", although I might change my mind as I often sometimes do) will get the red eyes he's wearing now to match Ciaran. There's something appealing about brown-eyed blonds and I only have one other boy with brown eyes, and his are more orange.

Luts being Luts, I daresay I won't see her until September or October. The last time I ordered directly from them, it took a little over three months, but looking at their releases in the waiting room thread on DOA, it looks like they're running about six weeks.

Haven't posted much in the way of doll photos lately. I'm still taking them, but I've been shuffling eyes/wigs around, so most of the photos are to help me judge if a look is working for me. So these pics aren't all that good or interesting, nor are they meant to be.
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One thing about the bjd hobby that is good for me is that the dolls are so easy to modify and there really is no "right" look for them. I tend to get set ideas about things, and with a lot of the dolls, once I got them, I knew what eye and hair color I wanted for them. But some of the dolls won't settle down. I know Sebastian (Tommy boy) has blue eyes, but I have yet to find a pair that look "right". Chauncey (Jerome boy) has gone through almost every set of eyes and wig I possess, yet still his final look eludes me. Thought I had it settled with the brown eyes/ black hair, but I just tried some light blue eyes with a blonde wig on him, and it looked great. So the dithering continues!

I think I did solve Luca's (May boy) dilemma--his sculpt looks perpetually startled due to the large eyes and the shape of the mouth. Bob suggested darker eyes, which did help the deer-in-the-headlight issue. May is originally a girl sculpt but you can choose a boy body for it, and BlueFairy (the company that makes the dolls) will paint the face in a more masculine style. But sorry, the May sculpt still looks girly, no matter what! I finally decided that Luca is cursed and occasionally transforms into a girl (which appalls him, as he is very much a boy!). Kinda like Ranma 1/2, although I'm not sure what triggers the change in Luca.

But whatever...the point is that the dolls' looks are not set in stone unless you want them to be. And for some reason, that challenges me? I don't know if that's the right word. Distresses me? I like to get things settled quickly so I know what is what. But life doesn't always do that. Maybe if I can learn to accept and embrace that in play, then it would help me to be more flexible in real life as well. I guess.
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The long-waited-for Xiao doll finally arrived today! He was in very good shape and the seller included some extras, including a pair of blue glass eyes...nice ones, too. Not sure if he'll use them or if they'll end up with one of the other dolls as yet.

He doesn't have a face-up, so I'm trying to pin down what kind of coloring I want on him. The name that keeps coming to me is Konoe Atsushi, so that'll be what I call him for now. The doll's face shape/eye shape does seem more Asian than the others.

Here he is in a fantasy blue wig that I almost never use. I thought it would look nice with the eyes, and it does.

And as a blonde. The advantage of light-colored wigs is that they don't stain as much (although I store my dolls in boxes, sans wigs, so staining usually isn't a problem anyway!) but I just don't know yet. I may need to switch out his eyes with another color and see how that goes. Frankly, I gotta get this decided before I can start finding a face-up artist to paint him!

It'll take some time to decide how he'll fit in, but I think Atsushi will do just fine. Once I get a face-up on him...the lack of make-up is surprisingly irritating!
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Meet Georgiana Saltonstall, newest student to Our Lady of Sorrows! Georgiana (Georgie for short) is from one of Arkham's founding families. I don't know much about her character yet, but I'm sure that will come out in time, and never quite as I expect it.

A bouquet of Jasmines )

I happened to luck upon a reasonably priced (ie: the seller was in the US, didn't need to make back the custom fee, and sold me the full set at the original price) Limited G White Skin Jasmine a few weeks back. Debated a day about it, consulted with Bob, and then decided to buy her, because that was the original doll I had wanted when first looking at Blue Fairy. But it was a sold-out limited edition from 2009, so I didn't think I had much of a chance of getting one, and I certainly wasn't going to pay jacked-up prices for her!

The seller was an angel--didn't charge paypal fees, shipped right away, contacted me every day until she arrived, and even cared about what I was going to call her! The doll was in great condition, except I did have to restring her. She was so loose that she wouldn't even stand up. I cleaned her up (didn't need to do much) and wired her at the same time. Then I didn't have any time to take out my dolls last week at all!

Her eyes do not look green at all in person--they look quite grey! I was surprised when I saw the photos I took today that there was so much green. Georgie is not keeping the default look--I'm going more fantasy with her. Waiting on some eyes to arrive (blue and purple, should look stunning) and will put that with some purple/grey wigs I have. With the Beauty White skin, the look should be interesting. We'll see how it comes out.

Here's a pic of her in the color of wig I'm talking about. )

She's the first blossom body doll that I've bought, and I'm going to have to do some experimentation to see what clothes look best on her. I think Georgie will be a year or so older than the twins. I'm debating getting a gentle body for the next Blue Fairy boy I buy (whenever that will be). Probably a Kyle, unless a limited comes along that I want instead. Just not sure yet.

I think I mentioned before that I'm buying another second-hand doll (a WS Xiao boy) right now. That transaction hasn't been as smooth. I did get the price knocked down quite a bit, but the gal just put him in the mail TODAY, which was nearly two weeks after I paid for him. She did say she might take a few days, but there is a difference between three days and two weeks! I'm waiting to see what condition he's in. I know he'll have to have a face-up, and the gal I know in Madison may not be able to do it, so I'll have to shop around. Someone in the US for sure...I don't want to be mailing him overseas.
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This is Graeme. He has issues. And today, we're going to fix some of them.

More about the project, plus many pics, beneath cut. )

Yes, Graeme is the sort to proclaim his awesomeness even while on display in his underwear on the internet. What a kid.
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Took some time yesterday afternoon to work more on the new dolls.

There were a pair of light green urethane eyes that came in with the used WS Denis doll (I bought them from the same person). I meant them for him, but decided they'd work better with Josie and her super-blonde hair. They were PERFECT. I usually just get cheaper-end glass eyes for my dolls, as I don't like the way acrylic photographs, but these were stunning, even in the very bad light of my living room!

See what I mean?

More pics and chatter under the cut )

Yeah, amazing what changing a few small things can do!

That is the beauty of Asian ball-jointed dolls: you can customize their looks so much! I happen to like the default face-ups (that is, the way the face is painted) that Blue Fairy dolls have, but they can be wiped off and repainted.

Now, if I can just get my camera to do what I want! But that's another day's rant, and will go in my regular blog!

(Oh, and yes, I do plan on putting stories here eventually. But gotta get the new dolls settled in first!)
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My new Louis girl and May boy arrived yesterday. I didn't think I'd have time to take any pics, but since I got up early, I fit a few in.

Her name is Josie Montrose. I'll write more about her when I put up her bio information.

A close-up:

She will have light-blonde hair (I have a couple of more girly wigs in that color), but I'm not sure about her eyes yet. I do like Blue Fairy's blue-grey default (I'm very fond of grey eyes), but there is a dark brown pair that I want to try as well.

As for the boy, I'm still trying to decide some things about him. His name will be Ciaran, but I haven't settled on a last name as yet. Nor have I settled on eyes or hair color. I did try a few today, though.

So many choices! )

[Poll #1798701]

Ciaran doesn't have a last name yet. It'll be something pretentious: he's from one of Arkham's first families. Then again, all my dolls have pretentious names! ;-D
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Yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and try some pliver sueding and wiring, hopefully without having to re-string. This helps to stabilize the doll, so that standing and posing are easier. Edwina was my chosen guinea pig because she's so unsteady on her feet.

But it nearly turned into a disaster! )

Seriously, ya'll, that was scary. At least now I know how to restring a doll, although it'll take some practice to be able to do it quickly.


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