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25) Have you ever modded a doll? (Do you think that you would?)

Well, I've taken every single one of them apart to restring at some point, and I've wired the Bluefairy dolls. Stupid bolts for the S-hooks have come out a couple of times and I've had to repair those (quick fix, just annoying). All the eyes have been switched out because I don't like the way acrylic eyes photograph. Wouldn't put it past me to attempt other modifications in time, although I'd probably either get some cheaper doll to experiment on, or wait until something breaks. I'd like to try seam-sanding at some point if I have time, but that would be a summer project. It's too cold here most of the year to do that sort of work.

26) Done your own faceups? (Again, do you think you’d do that?)

No. Part of me would like to, but I've never been good at painting or choosing colors. I often ask my husband for advice when picking colors as he has a better eye for such things. That would also be a case where I'd have to get a cheap/free head to experiment on. I'm not bad at drawing or calligraphy, but painting has never been easy for me. I think I'd prefer to use my energy towards something I'm better at (sewing) and leave the face-ups to those who are really good at it. But never say never!

Random pic today is of Luca, who I subjected to a frou-frou lace shirt for Valentine's Day. He did not appreciate it!

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24) What about your favorite part of the hobby?

This is so lame, but I love being able to change out the wigs and the eyes. There will be times when I don't even feel like dressing the dolls, but I'll have them stand around in their undies and just put different wigs on them. I used to color my hair a lot, to the point that it was kind of a joke in the family since they never knew what color my hair would be when we met up. That had to stop after I had some problems with meds that had me losing my hair! While I am off those medications now and my hair is returning, it is still fragile, so I have to keep it my (boring) natural color.

But the dolls! I can change their hair color whenever I want, how often I want and it's fine!!!

Also, I do like the clothes and look forward to making some. I used to enjoy sewing garb when I was involved with the SCA--I'm self-taught, so everything was a learning experience! Getting to work on a smaller scale, with subjects that don't gain/lose weight, sounds refreshing! I have a lot of fabric just sitting around, too. Just need to figure out what notions (snaps, buttons, elastic, ribbon, etc.) I'll need.

I've been putting the sewing off due to organizational issues (have to have a space to work in and be able to find my tools quickly!), but the prospect has me highly motivated!

Learning a lot about photography now, also due to the BJD hobby.

Also, I love how the BJD hobby ties in with so many other things: sewing, photography, writing, etc. They're not just decorative. I'm not terribly familiar with other doll collecting (Barbies, American Girl, etc), so I don't know if they branch out so much as BJDs do.

Today's pic is of Chauncey. I think this new Leeke Indi Brown wig will be his default.

The Questions )
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23) Is there a part of the BJD hobby that you dislike?

Oh, well, I think I answered that question in this entry.

So that was easy. Here, have a pic of Josie in a turquoise wig, that goes surprisingly well with her very green eyes:

The Questions )
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22) What’s your favorite doll scale prop?

LOL, I don't have that many of them! I have a few items that have been gifts/freebies. My favorite is the sofa that Bob got me when we went to San Antonio.

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20) What is your dream doll?

I'm not sure that these questions aren't the same thing? However, I guess of the dolls I have, the one that I had originally wanted but not been available was a white-skinned Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Jasmine. There was a fullset released called Limited G Jasmine that had been released in 2009, but they sold out quickly and I had no realistic hopes of getting one, at least not at a price that I was willing to pay.

Until a miracle occurred and a gal put hers up for sale on the DOA marketplace at cost. I couldn't believe it. I waited overnight to think about buying one (since I already had my Jasmine twins, who I adore), but I knew I'd regret it if I let this one slip by, so I pulled some money from savings and got her. Good thing I did, since it looks like a couple of other people wanted her also.

And so Georgiana came to live with us.

21) One doll you love, but will never (probably) buy?

This one: Volks Tae II, a limited edition that was only released once. [livejournal.com profile] rkold had been showing me dolls for years, and I thought they were interesting, but this was the first one that I ever really longed for. I still do, but they rarely come up, and when I do see one on the Marketplace, they are horribly overpriced. Also, I ended up collecting dolls in a smaller size.

I do hope eventually to make a Taisho Schoolgirl outfit for at least one of my current dolls. I've seen someone on the DOA marketplace that makes these, but since I've made human-sized wafaku before, I don't think it would be too difficult to do one for a doll.

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18) Do you have a favorite company?

Oh, Blue Fairy is my favorite company. Most of my dolls are from them. They do have such lovely dolls and their customer service is excellent.

19) A least favorite company?

So far, I have been fortunate in that I haven't been burned by a company. I hear nightmare tales about dolls taking more than a year to arrive, or taking months and then being really shoddy products. I think the only thing I could complain about on my dolls are some jagged seam lines, and that's something that can be fixed.

Tried out some new eyes on Isao today and damn, they looked amazing! What is funny is that I originally got them for Sebastian (BF Tommy) but they didn't suit him at all. But I guess the Kid Delf eyes are just a bit smaller, so the eyes fit better. These are Mystic Urethane Eyes, Sea Smokey 16mm.

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17) What is your favorite item of dollie clothing?

I would have to say these Dollmore 2-button pants are probably my favorite. Not all Dollmore pants fit Bluefairy well (the jeans tend to be a bit long), but these pants fit perfectly and go nicely with so many tops! They can be formal or casual, and suit both boy and girl dolls (although I mainly use them on the boys). I think I have six pair of them?

More detailed pictures )

I never put belts on with these, but that's my low-accessory fashion sense. Anyway, they are great pants and I eventually want to get a pair for all my boys.

The Questions )
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14) Have you ever had a floating head? What about a headless body? (What do you think you would do if you had either?)

No, I haven't. The closest I came was the month or so that I had Atsushi (my WS boy Xiao) sent off for a face-up. I had his body in pieces (to be cleaned and wired once I had the head back), but I kinda just put the pieces in his box and left them there until Dottie (the artist: sour_dotz) sent back the head. And I had the doll put back together that same day. Incomplete dolls make me nervous.

I did order enough from the recent Luts Winter Event to get a free head, but it was for a larger size doll and I had no use for it. So I wrote them to tell them that, and they had no problem substituting KDF-sized shoes instead. 2 pair.

15) What does your family think of your dolls?

My husband is a bit bemused by them, and dislikes the expense, but as he has pricey hobbies of his own, he leaves me alone. I do ask him before I buy a doll, and ask his opinion on things like eye colors, etc. He's got a better eye for color than I do! I keep teasing him about getting one of his own, but although he's impressed with how you can mod them, he doesn't want to get into it.

I did finally tell my mom I was collecting them. I was reluctant because my parents like to disapprove of everything I do. Fortunately, it turns out that she has some friends who are into American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls, so while she doesn't quite understand the difference between those and bjd's, she does have a basis for comparison. It was funny--the first thing she said after I told her was "You just want to make clothes for them, don't you?" I haven't discussed it with Dad, nor do I think that I will--he wouldn't be interested anyway.

16) Can any of your crew stand on their heads? (Show us~)


But here's a pic of Luca in a pink wig. That poor boy is doomed to a life of cross-dressing...

The Questions )
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13) Dollie shoes! Show us how many you have!

These are my favorite, btw. Dollmore cloth flats, fairly inexpensive, but very cute.

Because of the way I organize my shoes for storage (by type, small plastic bags inside large ziploc bags, which in turn are stored in a plastic bin container), I didn't put them all in one picture. It was easier that way.

The Shoes )

I'm rather careless about shoes IRL. They're not my thing. A lot of times, when dressing my dolls, I ignore shoes completely. I got snarked about it one time by this person on the Dairyland Board. Turns out she feels (very strongly evidently) that people taking pictures of dolls without shoes is lazy. There ended up being a thread debating the question. Doll shoes can be pricey, and I'd rather put the money towards other things I like better!

I only have as many doll shoes as I have now because I caught a few sales where people were getting out of the hobby (or selling all their MSD stuff). That being said, I probably should find a few more formal shoes for the boy dolls, especially since I have more of them than the girls!

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12) What do your friends think of your dolls/dolls in general?

Some really like them, some are bemused and a few find them really, really creepy. No, really. One of the reasons I ended up setting up this blog was because someone on my regular LJ flist contacted me and asked me if I was posting dolls pics, to put them under a cut because they creeped that person out so badly. I spent an evening trying to figure out whether I was offended or not, then decided that it didn't hurt to be nice. But I wanted to talk about my dolls more and put up as many pictures as I wanted, so I started up [livejournal.com profile] the_sorrows instead, and just link entries to my regular LJ. (Setting it up as a comm allows me a little more flexibility in some areas.)

Here's a pic I took yesterday of Lynette in a choco-brown wig, rather than her usual red!

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There was nothing put in question 11 on the original list, so I'm making one up.

11) What are the downsides of the BJD hobby?

First and foremost, the cost. I knew going in that it would be expensive, but I didn't realize how much cost would be involved in ancillary things, like eyes and wigs. The dolls usually will come with default eyes and wigs, but you have no choice in the color or cut, and sometimes what you get does not suit the doll. The default eyes are often acrylic, which look fine enough in person but do not photograph all that well.

Due to the nature of the hobby, and the fact that the majority of companies are in Asia, you often make purchases based on company photos, some of which are heavily photoshopped not very accurate. Also, you end up buying things that might look fine on one doll, but not on yours. And there's no way to know! There's a huge second-hand market for bjd items due to this. I've found most sellers to be honest, but have run into some who are--well, I won't say dishonest, but they certainly skate around the truth sometimes.

Looking at owner pictures (on DOA, the Dairyland Board, and other sites) really helps, but again, something that looks great on one doll just will not suit another.

There's also a big stigma about doll collecting, which I find kinda strange, given how popular some doll collecting can be. Barbies, porcelain dolls, teddy bears--all quite popular in the US, but Asian ball-jointed dolls are considered "creepy". Of course, every hobby has its weirdos and I've already met some of the ones in this hobby. (This is coming from a person who tends to be intense about her hobbies, too!) But most of the doll enthusiasts that I've met in person have been pretty nice, and no more odd than, say, the SCA people or anime fans or comic-book devotees that I've met over the years.

There's enough stigma that the subject seems to come up frequently on the internet boards. People talking about family/friends who dislike their dolls, or who get flack about collecting dolls is fairly common. I've seen several people mention how they don't like taking their dolls outside to take pictures of them--not out of concern for damage, but because random people passing by might think it was weird.

Wah, wall of text! Here's a picture of Chauncey, demonstrating the problem I was talking about earlier. I bought an interesting-looking pair of Soom silicon eyes off the DOA marketplace. In person, they actually look stunning. But I'm not having much luck photographing them! This is one of the few good pics I've gotten:

Not sure those eyes are going to work, not if I can't get decent pictures! Frustrating!

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10) Post a picture of a doll and an animal!

Here are a couple:

Tsuki checks out Edwina.

Nabiki is curious about Nyssa.

The Questions )
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6) Biggest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
7) Smallest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
8) What is your favorite size?
9) What is your least favorite size?

I put these four questions together because I only own one size: MSD (which technically means "mini-Super-Dollfie", but I almost seem to always think of "medium-sized doll", LOL). MSDs usually run between 40 to 45 cm (15.7 inches to 17.7 inches). Bluefairy Tiny Fairy dolls, which comprise most of my collection, are 43 cm (16.9 inches) tall. It's a nice size, very easy to handle and pose.

I have been to meets where I've seen/held the big 70 cm (27.6 inches) dolls, which are impressive as hell to look at, but not quite to my taste. One of the gals who comes to the Madison meets specializes in tiny dolls. She had one (I forget what the brand was) that was maybe the size of my thumb? Yeah, just like in the fairy tale! And still a fully-articulated BJD!

Obviously, my favorite size is MSD. I wouldn't say I have a "least favorite" size, as I admire dolls of different sizes. I guess I'd be less likely to buy a tiny, since they aren't that much cheaper than the MSD dolls, and their parts are so small that it would be a pain to restring them, etc. I appreciate that they are more portable, but I guess I just like the larger sizes.

I stay in the one size range, though, so that I can easily switch out eyes, wigs, clothes, etc, between the dolls.

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5) What/who was the very first BJD you saw?

Not sure. Whatever [livejournal.com profile] rkold's first one was--she got me interested in the hobby. She would take pictures of her dolls, and go to doll shows and post her pictures, where I saw many other dolls. I really enjoyed looking at her pics, but never dreamed I'd finally cave and get one some myself. The price was intimidating.

The first doll that I really wanted was one that she showed me some years ago:

It's a Volks Tae 2, which was released as a limited in April of 2008. You had to sign up for a lottery to buy it, so it was very limited. It's a gorgeous doll and I loved the Taisho-era clothing it was wearing. (And the doll's wistful expression.) They do come up for sale from time to time on the secondhand market, but usually marked up at least $500 more than the original price. Sorry, I don't play that.

Plus, I decided to collect a smaller size of doll. At some point, I want to make some Taisho-era clothing for my dolls. Then I can at least touch my dream, you know? ;-D

The Questions )
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4) What/who was the first BJD you ever owned? Do you still own them? (Who is your planned first?)

I got my first two at the same time: both from Bluefairy, TF Emilie and TF Tommy. I'd saved up to get an SD sized, but ended up going for the smaller MSD dolls, which are less expensive. So I got a pair, a boy and a girl.

I do still own both of them, although Sebastian (the Tommy boy) has been a source of frustration. Still trying to settle on a good look for him. I had strong ideas about Lynette (brown eyes! Red hair!) but there are some things about the Tommy sculpt (mainly the droopy eye shape) that I'm still struggling with. At some point, I think I may send him off for a face-up to see if that can help. His eyebrows are shaped with such a sheepish expression that doesn't really fit in with what I had envisioned for him.

Anyway, these are their latest pics:

Lynette has such a sweet face and I wish I was a better photographer, because my pics just can't seem to do justice to this doll. Frustration! She is so pretty in person!

Sebastian was intended as the typical golden-boy, class president, jock type. But he's elusive. I have yet to find a pair of blue eyes that I really like him with. (Actually have him wearing dark purple right now.) Trying to find a wig I liked on him took forever as well, although this one from Leeke (in Goldenrod) seems to work well for him.

The Questions )
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3) Post a picture of all your dolls!

Top row: Georgiana, Tristan, Luca, Dominic, Sebastian, Sabrina

Middle row: Josie, Edwina, Lynette

Bottom row: Graeme, Chauncey, Nyssa

Not pictured: Atsushi (off for a face-up!), Ciaran, Cai and Rosemarie (not yet arrived).

The Questions )
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2) Do you own any? If so how many and if not, do you have any plans to at the moment?

Currently, I have 13, although one is off for a face-up. There are also 3 on order, but I'm not expecting them until February. Almost all of them are Bluefairy Tiny Fairies (MSD-sized, which in this case is 43 cm tall). 2 of the ones I'm waiting for are from Luts Kid Delf line. There are a few more Bluefairy sculpts that I would like to eventually get (and who knows what limiteds they'll come up with?).

*blink* And to think I was going to just have 1 boy and 1 girl. I obviously just don't work that way. I dunno, I think I wanted to get these while we happened to have the money available to do it.

The Questions )
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found via [profile] xaya_tobias:

1) Why do you like BJDs?

I like the look of them, as they are more realistic than say, a Barbie-type doll would be, and not as fragile as a porcelain doll. I love how much you can mod them: it's very easy to radically change their look by just changing the wig, eyes or clothes. For those with more artistic talent, changing the face-up (the way the head is painted) makes even more of a difference. And the more adventurous can even make changes to the mold itself (adjusting the eye or mouth shape, for instance). I like to be able to make/modify clothes for them, learning to photograph them and writing back stories about them. Plus, it's fun collecting them. And most of all, I love how I can take them out to play with and time just flies. It really distracts me at times when my anxiety is acting up.

The Questions )

No idea what question 11 was supposed to be, so I'll just make up a question when I get to that day.


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