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This dress came with a lot of doll clothes that I bought last summer. It was handmade and rather poorly sewn. There was a partly open seam on the bodice and the skirt was gathered unevenly. But I figured these things could be easy enough to fix.

More details, with pics )

The finished product, with boots and a pair of bloomers from another dress.

I'm still not happy with the sleeves, but after ripping and resetting them three times, I decided to just leave it. Obviously, I need more practice with inset sleeves! At least the skirt is finally gathered evenly--I did a simple gather, half on each side, and made sure it was evenly distributed. Pleats might have looked better, but the original skirt just didn't have enough material in it. I'm rather meh about how the lace was on the edge of the sleeves, but because of the way it was sewn on, I could not rip it out without damaging it too badly to reuse, so I just left it.

I also need to practice more with invisible hem stitches. There was a bit of a challenge with finishing the seams because they were so small, but it's not so bad when done by hand. Part of me would like to get a serger, but I can't see that I'd use it enough to justify the cost. Unless I found a good-quality used serger inexpensively, it's just not worth it.
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This is Taira Chiharu, my newest doll and yet my oldest. Someone put her up for sale on Den of Angels for a really reasonable price. The seller said she was from 2007, but the mold was discontinued in 2005-2006. I was interested in her because she is an original mold Xiao. I like the sculpt a lot because she has a bit of a smile, whereas the newer Xiao sculpts are frowning. She has the older resin, which is a slightly different tone than the newer Bluefairy dolls.

She's a charming doll. Not completely set on the character yet, except that she's a Japanese-American from California, very cute and cheerful.

I posted about this on my regular blog, but forgot to cross-post here.
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Name: Konoe Atsushi
Nickname: none
Age: 14
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Who's Xiao? WS
Faceup: Sour_Dotz
Eyes: turquoise 16mm glass, from DOA marketplace
Hair: Black, sometimes silver
Orientation: Far East
Likes: long walks, electronics, tinkering with things
Dislikes: people who talk too quickly, having to go to Mass, not being at the top of the class
Personality: Atsushi is a bit cold, but is kind underneath.  He takes things way too seriously. 
History: Atsushi is originally from Kyoto.  His family is quite distinguished.  However, he was kidnapped two years ago, and although there was a successful rescue, his parents decided that for his safety, it would be better if he were in a more secure environment.  The school was recommended to them.  Since his arrival last year, he has worked hard to improve his English, but he still has a lot to learn.  He rooms with fellow Japanese student Shigemori Isao, and the two of them study with a Japanese teacher from Miskatonic University for a half day and are in regular classes for the other half.

Atsushi篤 means "sincere, genuine", Konoe近衛 is "imperial guards".

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Got some final pics from the face-up artist (sour_dotz on DOA) for Atsushi! He looks great (yet understated--I wanted him to fit in well with the default Bluefairy look). Got the artist paid off, so I'm looking forward to him coming home soon!

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The long-waited-for Xiao doll finally arrived today! He was in very good shape and the seller included some extras, including a pair of blue glass eyes...nice ones, too. Not sure if he'll use them or if they'll end up with one of the other dolls as yet.

He doesn't have a face-up, so I'm trying to pin down what kind of coloring I want on him. The name that keeps coming to me is Konoe Atsushi, so that'll be what I call him for now. The doll's face shape/eye shape does seem more Asian than the others.

Here he is in a fantasy blue wig that I almost never use. I thought it would look nice with the eyes, and it does.

And as a blonde. The advantage of light-colored wigs is that they don't stain as much (although I store my dolls in boxes, sans wigs, so staining usually isn't a problem anyway!) but I just don't know yet. I may need to switch out his eyes with another color and see how that goes. Frankly, I gotta get this decided before I can start finding a face-up artist to paint him!

It'll take some time to decide how he'll fit in, but I think Atsushi will do just fine. Once I get a face-up on him...the lack of make-up is surprisingly irritating!


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