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17) What is your favorite item of dollie clothing?

I would have to say these Dollmore 2-button pants are probably my favorite. Not all Dollmore pants fit Bluefairy well (the jeans tend to be a bit long), but these pants fit perfectly and go nicely with so many tops! They can be formal or casual, and suit both boy and girl dolls (although I mainly use them on the boys). I think I have six pair of them?

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I never put belts on with these, but that's my low-accessory fashion sense. Anyway, they are great pants and I eventually want to get a pair for all my boys.

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Name: Dominic Holywell
Nickname: none
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Niky NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: orange w/blue, 16 mm (DDE)
Hair: Usually dark brown, sometimes with red streaks
Orientation: Over there
Likes: secrets, old books, soccer, making mischief, Lynette
Dislikes: staying inside, being left out, not knowing things, his father's graduate students
Personality: Dominic is a mischievous troublemaker. He knows more than he admits and likes to tease people with hints, even over very small matters. There's a bit of hurt beneath that smirking grin, however. Some things cannot be unseen.
History: Dominic's father is the head of the Department of Antiquities at Miskatonic University, and thus is very important man in the Arkham community. His mother died two years ago under strange circumstances and Dominic is determined to find out what happened. His father shipped him off to The Sorrows, fearing he would be exposed to things a young boy should not see. Too late.

Dominic means "Belonging to God". Holywell is "holy spring".

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