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Haven't posted here for awhile! Real life has been hectic lately and I haven't had much time for my dolls. But I did manage to fit in a few pics recently.

Luca and Rowena

They're not a couple or anything, but both have troubled pasts and that gives them a sort of sympathy with each other.

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I'm amazed at the number of pink wigs that I've managed to acquire--my original plan was to only get "natural" hair colors for my dolls, but now probably half of the wigs I have are in fantasy colors (pink, blue, green, turquoise, grey, etc). And what is really funny is that I used to hate pink with a passion! But it was my Gram's favorite color--she wore it all the time. After she passed away in 1999, anytime I see pink it reminds me of her. So now I quite like the color!
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Got some eyes in and have been switching things around. There was a grey pair (Enchanted Doll Milky #26, 16mm, low dome) that was supposed to be for Luca, but they were more silvery than the cheap glass pair he had, so for now, he gets these pink ones (Enchanted Doll Milky #13, 16mm, low dome):

The picture is kinda dark--it was cloudy today--but this gives an idea of the color. The pink will go with pink/grey/purple/lavender wigs. Poor Luca--he's so girly that I keep subjecting him to the pastels. But at heart, his character is that of a normal boy, LOL.

Dunno what I'll do with the others yet. I have a doll coming in, although I had planned for him to be brown-eyed. But we'll try these out and see how they suit him. I'm flexible.

Changed Isao's (Kid Delf Maska) name: the Japanese persona was just not working for him. His new name is Miska Varga (or Varga Miska, if you use the Hungarian order--but since he's actually American, the name will be in English order). It suits him much better. Here's a current pic of him: he got some new eyes in the other month. They are Enchanted Doll Milky #34, 16mm, low dome.

Need to take more pics of everyone and update the profiles!

No bites so far on the sale of Kaj (Kid Delf Almond). I'll keep him up for a few more weeks, and if he doesn't sell, I'll pull him down and give him another chance. I don't feel like going down on the price because it is very fair, especially compared to what other people are asking for older dolls that aren't anywhere near to the pristine condition of my doll.
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25) Have you ever modded a doll? (Do you think that you would?)

Well, I've taken every single one of them apart to restring at some point, and I've wired the Bluefairy dolls. Stupid bolts for the S-hooks have come out a couple of times and I've had to repair those (quick fix, just annoying). All the eyes have been switched out because I don't like the way acrylic eyes photograph. Wouldn't put it past me to attempt other modifications in time, although I'd probably either get some cheaper doll to experiment on, or wait until something breaks. I'd like to try seam-sanding at some point if I have time, but that would be a summer project. It's too cold here most of the year to do that sort of work.

26) Done your own faceups? (Again, do you think you’d do that?)

No. Part of me would like to, but I've never been good at painting or choosing colors. I often ask my husband for advice when picking colors as he has a better eye for such things. That would also be a case where I'd have to get a cheap/free head to experiment on. I'm not bad at drawing or calligraphy, but painting has never been easy for me. I think I'd prefer to use my energy towards something I'm better at (sewing) and leave the face-ups to those who are really good at it. But never say never!

Random pic today is of Luca, who I subjected to a frou-frou lace shirt for Valentine's Day. He did not appreciate it!

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14) Have you ever had a floating head? What about a headless body? (What do you think you would do if you had either?)

No, I haven't. The closest I came was the month or so that I had Atsushi (my WS boy Xiao) sent off for a face-up. I had his body in pieces (to be cleaned and wired once I had the head back), but I kinda just put the pieces in his box and left them there until Dottie (the artist: sour_dotz) sent back the head. And I had the doll put back together that same day. Incomplete dolls make me nervous.

I did order enough from the recent Luts Winter Event to get a free head, but it was for a larger size doll and I had no use for it. So I wrote them to tell them that, and they had no problem substituting KDF-sized shoes instead. 2 pair.

15) What does your family think of your dolls?

My husband is a bit bemused by them, and dislikes the expense, but as he has pricey hobbies of his own, he leaves me alone. I do ask him before I buy a doll, and ask his opinion on things like eye colors, etc. He's got a better eye for color than I do! I keep teasing him about getting one of his own, but although he's impressed with how you can mod them, he doesn't want to get into it.

I did finally tell my mom I was collecting them. I was reluctant because my parents like to disapprove of everything I do. Fortunately, it turns out that she has some friends who are into American Girl and Madame Alexander dolls, so while she doesn't quite understand the difference between those and bjd's, she does have a basis for comparison. It was funny--the first thing she said after I told her was "You just want to make clothes for them, don't you?" I haven't discussed it with Dad, nor do I think that I will--he wouldn't be interested anyway.

16) Can any of your crew stand on their heads? (Show us~)


But here's a pic of Luca in a pink wig. That poor boy is doomed to a life of cross-dressing...

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Name: Luca de la Poer
Nickname: none
Age: 13
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy May NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Urethane Milky #13 (pink) 16mm, low dome
Hair: subject to frequent change
Orientation: He's never quite sure
Likes: things that are stable, old buildings, quiet people
Dislikes: a lot of noise, rats, uncertainty
Personality: Due to his tragic past, Luca tends to be a rather suspicious and distrustful person. He is a gentle and sensitive soul, too much so at times.
History: Luca's family is an old and infamous one, a cadet line of a noble family that escaped from England during the American Revolution. Their past is full of madness and tragedy. Luca himself was forced to watch as his father murdered his mother and two younger sisters before committing suicide. Luca himself only barely survived. His nearest relative, a priest, put young Luca into the care of the sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. He did not, however, inform them about the family curse. At puberty, Luca was horrified to learn that he seemingly spontaneously changes between genders. Rather than making the poor boy the subject of scientific experiments, the Sisters have decided to be discreet. Certain officials at Miskatonic University are now trying to determine what exactly triggers Luca's transformations, and whether there is a way to stop it.

Luca means "Light", de la Poer = "Of the Poor", that is to say "one who has taken a vow of poverty".

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Took some time yesterday afternoon to work more on the new dolls.

There were a pair of light green urethane eyes that came in with the used WS Denis doll (I bought them from the same person). I meant them for him, but decided they'd work better with Josie and her super-blonde hair. They were PERFECT. I usually just get cheaper-end glass eyes for my dolls, as I don't like the way acrylic photographs, but these were stunning, even in the very bad light of my living room!

See what I mean?

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Yeah, amazing what changing a few small things can do!

That is the beauty of Asian ball-jointed dolls: you can customize their looks so much! I happen to like the default face-ups (that is, the way the face is painted) that Blue Fairy dolls have, but they can be wiped off and repainted.

Now, if I can just get my camera to do what I want! But that's another day's rant, and will go in my regular blog!

(Oh, and yes, I do plan on putting stories here eventually. But gotta get the new dolls settled in first!)


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