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23) Is there a part of the BJD hobby that you dislike?

Oh, well, I think I answered that question in this entry.

So that was easy. Here, have a pic of Josie in a turquoise wig, that goes surprisingly well with her very green eyes:

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22) What’s your favorite doll scale prop?

LOL, I don't have that many of them! I have a few items that have been gifts/freebies. My favorite is the sofa that Bob got me when we went to San Antonio.

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Name: Josie Montrose
Nickname: none
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Louis NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Green Enchanted Doll ED Urethane 16mm
Hair: blonde
Orientation: Up in the air
Likes: pretty dresses, bunnies, kittens, anything cute
Dislikes: ugly things, pushy people
Personality: Many people mistake Josie's serious look as being unfriendly, but in fact, she loves people but is painfully shy. Since she is not what she would consider "a classic beauty", she tries to make up for it by wearing the most frilliest and most girliest outfits she can get her hands on. She's often on the edge of any group, wanting desperately to be a part but too afraid to speak up.
History: Josie's parents won the Ultimate Super Powerbuster Lottery last year: the largest jackpot awarded in American history. Determined to travel as they had always dreamed, her parents decided to place Josie and her brother into a boarding school. A friend of the family who had graduated from the Sorrows recommended the school. As the family had previously been poor, Josie is completely out of her depth around her mostly wealthy classmates.

Josie is short for "Josephine" which means "the Lord Increases", Montrose = "Promontory on the Moor".

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Took some time yesterday afternoon to work more on the new dolls.

There were a pair of light green urethane eyes that came in with the used WS Denis doll (I bought them from the same person). I meant them for him, but decided they'd work better with Josie and her super-blonde hair. They were PERFECT. I usually just get cheaper-end glass eyes for my dolls, as I don't like the way acrylic photographs, but these were stunning, even in the very bad light of my living room!

See what I mean?

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Yeah, amazing what changing a few small things can do!

That is the beauty of Asian ball-jointed dolls: you can customize their looks so much! I happen to like the default face-ups (that is, the way the face is painted) that Blue Fairy dolls have, but they can be wiped off and repainted.

Now, if I can just get my camera to do what I want! But that's another day's rant, and will go in my regular blog!

(Oh, and yes, I do plan on putting stories here eventually. But gotta get the new dolls settled in first!)


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