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24) What about your favorite part of the hobby?

This is so lame, but I love being able to change out the wigs and the eyes. There will be times when I don't even feel like dressing the dolls, but I'll have them stand around in their undies and just put different wigs on them. I used to color my hair a lot, to the point that it was kind of a joke in the family since they never knew what color my hair would be when we met up. That had to stop after I had some problems with meds that had me losing my hair! While I am off those medications now and my hair is returning, it is still fragile, so I have to keep it my (boring) natural color.

But the dolls! I can change their hair color whenever I want, how often I want and it's fine!!!

Also, I do like the clothes and look forward to making some. I used to enjoy sewing garb when I was involved with the SCA--I'm self-taught, so everything was a learning experience! Getting to work on a smaller scale, with subjects that don't gain/lose weight, sounds refreshing! I have a lot of fabric just sitting around, too. Just need to figure out what notions (snaps, buttons, elastic, ribbon, etc.) I'll need.

I've been putting the sewing off due to organizational issues (have to have a space to work in and be able to find my tools quickly!), but the prospect has me highly motivated!

Learning a lot about photography now, also due to the BJD hobby.

Also, I love how the BJD hobby ties in with so many other things: sewing, photography, writing, etc. They're not just decorative. I'm not terribly familiar with other doll collecting (Barbies, American Girl, etc), so I don't know if they branch out so much as BJDs do.

Today's pic is of Chauncey. I think this new Leeke Indi Brown wig will be his default.

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17) What is your favorite item of dollie clothing?

I would have to say these Dollmore 2-button pants are probably my favorite. Not all Dollmore pants fit Bluefairy well (the jeans tend to be a bit long), but these pants fit perfectly and go nicely with so many tops! They can be formal or casual, and suit both boy and girl dolls (although I mainly use them on the boys). I think I have six pair of them?

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I never put belts on with these, but that's my low-accessory fashion sense. Anyway, they are great pants and I eventually want to get a pair for all my boys.

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Took some time yesterday afternoon to work more on the new dolls.

There were a pair of light green urethane eyes that came in with the used WS Denis doll (I bought them from the same person). I meant them for him, but decided they'd work better with Josie and her super-blonde hair. They were PERFECT. I usually just get cheaper-end glass eyes for my dolls, as I don't like the way acrylic photographs, but these were stunning, even in the very bad light of my living room!

See what I mean?

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Yeah, amazing what changing a few small things can do!

That is the beauty of Asian ball-jointed dolls: you can customize their looks so much! I happen to like the default face-ups (that is, the way the face is painted) that Blue Fairy dolls have, but they can be wiped off and repainted.

Now, if I can just get my camera to do what I want! But that's another day's rant, and will go in my regular blog!

(Oh, and yes, I do plan on putting stories here eventually. But gotta get the new dolls settled in first!)
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Name: Chauncey Seagrave
Nickname: he wants people to call him Chance, but no one will
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Jerome NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: brown Enchanted Doll Urethane
Hair: black
Orientation: Somewhere Out There
Likes: swimming, fishing, sailing, the sea in general, Edwina
Dislikes: being asked about his family, oatmeal cookies, having to go to chapel
Personality: Chauncey often seems emo or distracted, but he has a lot on his mind. He misses his home in Innsmouth. He likes taking long walks by the Miskatonic River and despite warnings, has been known to swim there. He has a huge crush on Edwina.
History: Chauncey was born in California, but his family moved to Innsmouth when he was a young boy because his mother inherited a large amount of property, including a historic hotel. Since there was so much work to be done in restoring the Gilman House and the other rental properties the family administers, his father felt it best to send him to boarding school. His mother has been ill lately and he has had to visit several times. Each time he comes back with a bit of a shadow on his heart.

Chauncey means "Chancellor". Seagrave is a village name from England, origin uncertain.


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