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12) What do your friends think of your dolls/dolls in general?

Some really like them, some are bemused and a few find them really, really creepy. No, really. One of the reasons I ended up setting up this blog was because someone on my regular LJ flist contacted me and asked me if I was posting dolls pics, to put them under a cut because they creeped that person out so badly. I spent an evening trying to figure out whether I was offended or not, then decided that it didn't hurt to be nice. But I wanted to talk about my dolls more and put up as many pictures as I wanted, so I started up [livejournal.com profile] the_sorrows instead, and just link entries to my regular LJ. (Setting it up as a comm allows me a little more flexibility in some areas.)

Here's a pic I took yesterday of Lynette in a choco-brown wig, rather than her usual red!

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Name: Lynette Arleigh
Nickname: Linnet
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Emilie NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Urethane Sweety #14 (orange-brown) 16mm, low-dome
Hair: Red
Orientation: S x SW
Likes: birds, science, music, dancing, Nyssa, getting postcards from her parents
Dislikes: boys teasing her, dogs, her aunt trying to get her to become a nun
Personality: She's a sweet girl, with a very innocent outlook on life. Optimistic and naive.
History: Lynette was born in Arkham, but was sent to the boarding school since her parents (both researchers at the Dunwich Institute) have to travel so often. Her aunt, Sister Mary Therese, teaches math at The Sorrows.

Lynette means "beautiful", Arleigh is "rabbit meadow".

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