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Got some eyes in and have been switching things around. There was a grey pair (Enchanted Doll Milky #26, 16mm, low dome) that was supposed to be for Luca, but they were more silvery than the cheap glass pair he had, so for now, he gets these pink ones (Enchanted Doll Milky #13, 16mm, low dome):

The picture is kinda dark--it was cloudy today--but this gives an idea of the color. The pink will go with pink/grey/purple/lavender wigs. Poor Luca--he's so girly that I keep subjecting him to the pastels. But at heart, his character is that of a normal boy, LOL.

Dunno what I'll do with the others yet. I have a doll coming in, although I had planned for him to be brown-eyed. But we'll try these out and see how they suit him. I'm flexible.

Changed Isao's (Kid Delf Maska) name: the Japanese persona was just not working for him. His new name is Miska Varga (or Varga Miska, if you use the Hungarian order--but since he's actually American, the name will be in English order). It suits him much better. Here's a current pic of him: he got some new eyes in the other month. They are Enchanted Doll Milky #34, 16mm, low dome.

Need to take more pics of everyone and update the profiles!

No bites so far on the sale of Kaj (Kid Delf Almond). I'll keep him up for a few more weeks, and if he doesn't sell, I'll pull him down and give him another chance. I don't feel like going down on the price because it is very fair, especially compared to what other people are asking for older dolls that aren't anywhere near to the pristine condition of my doll.
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Took some pictures of my Kid Delf dolls (Kid Delves?) a while back.

From the left: Isao, Charlotte, Wilhelmina, Ciaran and Kaj.

Birds of a feather flock together!

I need to put up some profiles/bios for these guys! Time to take more pics!

Comparing them with Bluefairy, I think the Kid Delves pose much better and are sturdier, but their resin quality is nowhere near as nice as Bluefairy. However, they go well together aesthetically and can wear the same clothes/wigs.
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18) Do you have a favorite company?

Oh, Blue Fairy is my favorite company. Most of my dolls are from them. They do have such lovely dolls and their customer service is excellent.

19) A least favorite company?

So far, I have been fortunate in that I haven't been burned by a company. I hear nightmare tales about dolls taking more than a year to arrive, or taking months and then being really shoddy products. I think the only thing I could complain about on my dolls are some jagged seam lines, and that's something that can be fixed.

Tried out some new eyes on Isao today and damn, they looked amazing! What is funny is that I originally got them for Sebastian (BF Tommy) but they didn't suit him at all. But I guess the Kid Delf eyes are just a bit smaller, so the eyes fit better. These are Mystic Urethane Eyes, Sea Smokey 16mm.

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Name: Miska Varga
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Type: Luts Kid Delf Limited Maska (Human)
Faceup: Luts default
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Urethane, Milky #34, dark purple
Hair: Usually dark brown, but he dyes it from time to time
Orientation: East of Eden
Likes: messing with people's expectations, hacking internet sites, wheeling and dealing, girls
Dislikes: humorless people, doing homework, his roommate
Personality: Miska is a brat. He gets away with it because he has a certain bad-boy charisma. He is girl-crazy and doesn't mind that all of them are taller than he is.
History: More later.

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