Apr. 16th, 2012

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This dress came with a lot of doll clothes that I bought last summer. It was handmade and rather poorly sewn. There was a partly open seam on the bodice and the skirt was gathered unevenly. But I figured these things could be easy enough to fix.

More details, with pics )

The finished product, with boots and a pair of bloomers from another dress.

I'm still not happy with the sleeves, but after ripping and resetting them three times, I decided to just leave it. Obviously, I need more practice with inset sleeves! At least the skirt is finally gathered evenly--I did a simple gather, half on each side, and made sure it was evenly distributed. Pleats might have looked better, but the original skirt just didn't have enough material in it. I'm rather meh about how the lace was on the edge of the sleeves, but because of the way it was sewn on, I could not rip it out without damaging it too badly to reuse, so I just left it.

I also need to practice more with invisible hem stitches. There was a bit of a challenge with finishing the seams because they were so small, but it's not so bad when done by hand. Part of me would like to get a serger, but I can't see that I'd use it enough to justify the cost. Unless I found a good-quality used serger inexpensively, it's just not worth it.


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