Feb. 4th, 2012

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24) What about your favorite part of the hobby?

This is so lame, but I love being able to change out the wigs and the eyes. There will be times when I don't even feel like dressing the dolls, but I'll have them stand around in their undies and just put different wigs on them. I used to color my hair a lot, to the point that it was kind of a joke in the family since they never knew what color my hair would be when we met up. That had to stop after I had some problems with meds that had me losing my hair! While I am off those medications now and my hair is returning, it is still fragile, so I have to keep it my (boring) natural color.

But the dolls! I can change their hair color whenever I want, how often I want and it's fine!!!

Also, I do like the clothes and look forward to making some. I used to enjoy sewing garb when I was involved with the SCA--I'm self-taught, so everything was a learning experience! Getting to work on a smaller scale, with subjects that don't gain/lose weight, sounds refreshing! I have a lot of fabric just sitting around, too. Just need to figure out what notions (snaps, buttons, elastic, ribbon, etc.) I'll need.

I've been putting the sewing off due to organizational issues (have to have a space to work in and be able to find my tools quickly!), but the prospect has me highly motivated!

Learning a lot about photography now, also due to the BJD hobby.

Also, I love how the BJD hobby ties in with so many other things: sewing, photography, writing, etc. They're not just decorative. I'm not terribly familiar with other doll collecting (Barbies, American Girl, etc), so I don't know if they branch out so much as BJDs do.

Today's pic is of Chauncey. I think this new Leeke Indi Brown wig will be his default.

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