Jan. 12th, 2012

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13) Dollie shoes! Show us how many you have!

These are my favorite, btw. Dollmore cloth flats, fairly inexpensive, but very cute.

Because of the way I organize my shoes for storage (by type, small plastic bags inside large ziploc bags, which in turn are stored in a plastic bin container), I didn't put them all in one picture. It was easier that way.

The Shoes )

I'm rather careless about shoes IRL. They're not my thing. A lot of times, when dressing my dolls, I ignore shoes completely. I got snarked about it one time by this person on the Dairyland Board. Turns out she feels (very strongly evidently) that people taking pictures of dolls without shoes is lazy. There ended up being a thread debating the question. Doll shoes can be pricey, and I'd rather put the money towards other things I like better!

I only have as many doll shoes as I have now because I caught a few sales where people were getting out of the hobby (or selling all their MSD stuff). That being said, I probably should find a few more formal shoes for the boy dolls, especially since I have more of them than the girls!

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