Jan. 10th, 2012

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There was nothing put in question 11 on the original list, so I'm making one up.

11) What are the downsides of the BJD hobby?

First and foremost, the cost. I knew going in that it would be expensive, but I didn't realize how much cost would be involved in ancillary things, like eyes and wigs. The dolls usually will come with default eyes and wigs, but you have no choice in the color or cut, and sometimes what you get does not suit the doll. The default eyes are often acrylic, which look fine enough in person but do not photograph all that well.

Due to the nature of the hobby, and the fact that the majority of companies are in Asia, you often make purchases based on company photos, some of which are heavily photoshopped not very accurate. Also, you end up buying things that might look fine on one doll, but not on yours. And there's no way to know! There's a huge second-hand market for bjd items due to this. I've found most sellers to be honest, but have run into some who are--well, I won't say dishonest, but they certainly skate around the truth sometimes.

Looking at owner pictures (on DOA, the Dairyland Board, and other sites) really helps, but again, something that looks great on one doll just will not suit another.

There's also a big stigma about doll collecting, which I find kinda strange, given how popular some doll collecting can be. Barbies, porcelain dolls, teddy bears--all quite popular in the US, but Asian ball-jointed dolls are considered "creepy". Of course, every hobby has its weirdos and I've already met some of the ones in this hobby. (This is coming from a person who tends to be intense about her hobbies, too!) But most of the doll enthusiasts that I've met in person have been pretty nice, and no more odd than, say, the SCA people or anime fans or comic-book devotees that I've met over the years.

There's enough stigma that the subject seems to come up frequently on the internet boards. People talking about family/friends who dislike their dolls, or who get flack about collecting dolls is fairly common. I've seen several people mention how they don't like taking their dolls outside to take pictures of them--not out of concern for damage, but because random people passing by might think it was weird.

Wah, wall of text! Here's a picture of Chauncey, demonstrating the problem I was talking about earlier. I bought an interesting-looking pair of Soom silicon eyes off the DOA marketplace. In person, they actually look stunning. But I'm not having much luck photographing them! This is one of the few good pics I've gotten:

Not sure those eyes are going to work, not if I can't get decent pictures! Frustrating!

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