Jan. 9th, 2012

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One thing about the bjd hobby that is good for me is that the dolls are so easy to modify and there really is no "right" look for them. I tend to get set ideas about things, and with a lot of the dolls, once I got them, I knew what eye and hair color I wanted for them. But some of the dolls won't settle down. I know Sebastian (Tommy boy) has blue eyes, but I have yet to find a pair that look "right". Chauncey (Jerome boy) has gone through almost every set of eyes and wig I possess, yet still his final look eludes me. Thought I had it settled with the brown eyes/ black hair, but I just tried some light blue eyes with a blonde wig on him, and it looked great. So the dithering continues!

I think I did solve Luca's (May boy) dilemma--his sculpt looks perpetually startled due to the large eyes and the shape of the mouth. Bob suggested darker eyes, which did help the deer-in-the-headlight issue. May is originally a girl sculpt but you can choose a boy body for it, and BlueFairy (the company that makes the dolls) will paint the face in a more masculine style. But sorry, the May sculpt still looks girly, no matter what! I finally decided that Luca is cursed and occasionally transforms into a girl (which appalls him, as he is very much a boy!). Kinda like Ranma 1/2, although I'm not sure what triggers the change in Luca.

But whatever...the point is that the dolls' looks are not set in stone unless you want them to be. And for some reason, that challenges me? I don't know if that's the right word. Distresses me? I like to get things settled quickly so I know what is what. But life doesn't always do that. Maybe if I can learn to accept and embrace that in play, then it would help me to be more flexible in real life as well. I guess.
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Got some final pics from the face-up artist (sour_dotz on DOA) for Atsushi! He looks great (yet understated--I wanted him to fit in well with the default Bluefairy look). Got the artist paid off, so I'm looking forward to him coming home soon!

Two more pictures here )


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