Jan. 6th, 2012

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5) What/who was the very first BJD you saw?

Not sure. Whatever [livejournal.com profile] rkold's first one was--she got me interested in the hobby. She would take pictures of her dolls, and go to doll shows and post her pictures, where I saw many other dolls. I really enjoyed looking at her pics, but never dreamed I'd finally cave and get one some myself. The price was intimidating.

The first doll that I really wanted was one that she showed me some years ago:

It's a Volks Tae 2, which was released as a limited in April of 2008. You had to sign up for a lottery to buy it, so it was very limited. It's a gorgeous doll and I loved the Taisho-era clothing it was wearing. (And the doll's wistful expression.) They do come up for sale from time to time on the secondhand market, but usually marked up at least $500 more than the original price. Sorry, I don't play that.

Plus, I decided to collect a smaller size of doll. At some point, I want to make some Taisho-era clothing for my dolls. Then I can at least touch my dream, you know? ;-D

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6) Biggest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
7) Smallest size you own? (Have held/seen/like)
8) What is your favorite size?
9) What is your least favorite size?

I put these four questions together because I only own one size: MSD (which technically means "mini-Super-Dollfie", but I almost seem to always think of "medium-sized doll", LOL). MSDs usually run between 40 to 45 cm (15.7 inches to 17.7 inches). Bluefairy Tiny Fairy dolls, which comprise most of my collection, are 43 cm (16.9 inches) tall. It's a nice size, very easy to handle and pose.

I have been to meets where I've seen/held the big 70 cm (27.6 inches) dolls, which are impressive as hell to look at, but not quite to my taste. One of the gals who comes to the Madison meets specializes in tiny dolls. She had one (I forget what the brand was) that was maybe the size of my thumb? Yeah, just like in the fairy tale! And still a fully-articulated BJD!

Obviously, my favorite size is MSD. I wouldn't say I have a "least favorite" size, as I admire dolls of different sizes. I guess I'd be less likely to buy a tiny, since they aren't that much cheaper than the MSD dolls, and their parts are so small that it would be a pain to restring them, etc. I appreciate that they are more portable, but I guess I just like the larger sizes.

I stay in the one size range, though, so that I can easily switch out eyes, wigs, clothes, etc, between the dolls.

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