Jan. 5th, 2012

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4) What/who was the first BJD you ever owned? Do you still own them? (Who is your planned first?)

I got my first two at the same time: both from Bluefairy, TF Emilie and TF Tommy. I'd saved up to get an SD sized, but ended up going for the smaller MSD dolls, which are less expensive. So I got a pair, a boy and a girl.

I do still own both of them, although Sebastian (the Tommy boy) has been a source of frustration. Still trying to settle on a good look for him. I had strong ideas about Lynette (brown eyes! Red hair!) but there are some things about the Tommy sculpt (mainly the droopy eye shape) that I'm still struggling with. At some point, I think I may send him off for a face-up to see if that can help. His eyebrows are shaped with such a sheepish expression that doesn't really fit in with what I had envisioned for him.

Anyway, these are their latest pics:

Lynette has such a sweet face and I wish I was a better photographer, because my pics just can't seem to do justice to this doll. Frustration! She is so pretty in person!

Sebastian was intended as the typical golden-boy, class president, jock type. But he's elusive. I have yet to find a pair of blue eyes that I really like him with. (Actually have him wearing dark purple right now.) Trying to find a wig I liked on him took forever as well, although this one from Leeke (in Goldenrod) seems to work well for him.

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