Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Name: Luca de la Poer
Nickname: none
Age: 13
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy May NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Urethane Milky #13 (pink) 16mm, low dome
Hair: subject to frequent change
Orientation: He's never quite sure
Likes: things that are stable, old buildings, quiet people
Dislikes: a lot of noise, rats, uncertainty
Personality: Due to his tragic past, Luca tends to be a rather suspicious and distrustful person. He is a gentle and sensitive soul, too much so at times.
History: Luca's family is an old and infamous one, a cadet line of a noble family that escaped from England during the American Revolution. Their past is full of madness and tragedy. Luca himself was forced to watch as his father murdered his mother and two younger sisters before committing suicide. Luca himself only barely survived. His nearest relative, a priest, put young Luca into the care of the sisters of Our Lady of Sorrows. He did not, however, inform them about the family curse. At puberty, Luca was horrified to learn that he seemingly spontaneously changes between genders. Rather than making the poor boy the subject of scientific experiments, the Sisters have decided to be discreet. Certain officials at Miskatonic University are now trying to determine what exactly triggers Luca's transformations, and whether there is a way to stop it.

Luca means "Light", de la Poer = "Of the Poor", that is to say "one who has taken a vow of poverty".

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Name: Josie Montrose
Nickname: none
Age: 12
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Louis NS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Green Enchanted Doll ED Urethane 16mm
Hair: blonde
Orientation: Up in the air
Likes: pretty dresses, bunnies, kittens, anything cute
Dislikes: ugly things, pushy people
Personality: Many people mistake Josie's serious look as being unfriendly, but in fact, she loves people but is painfully shy. Since she is not what she would consider "a classic beauty", she tries to make up for it by wearing the most frilliest and most girliest outfits she can get her hands on. She's often on the edge of any group, wanting desperately to be a part but too afraid to speak up.
History: Josie's parents won the Ultimate Super Powerbuster Lottery last year: the largest jackpot awarded in American history. Determined to travel as they had always dreamed, her parents decided to place Josie and her brother into a boarding school. A friend of the family who had graduated from the Sorrows recommended the school. As the family had previously been poor, Josie is completely out of her depth around her mostly wealthy classmates.

Josie is short for "Josephine" which means "the Lord Increases", Montrose = "Promontory on the Moor".

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Name: Graeme O'Neill
Nickname: Grey
Age: 14
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Petit Marin Denis WS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: forest green 16mm glass Luts
Hair: red
Orientation: Anywhere he damn well pleases
Likes: to be in charge, to have a say in things, financial dealings
Dislikes: the nouveau riche, having to attend a boarding school
Personality: Some people are so arrogant that they somehow manage to get away with it. Graeme is one of those people. But there is a tender side of him that he does not care to show very often.
History: Graeme has been attending The Sorrows since kindergarten. His family made a fortune during the Gilded Era in a variety of businesses, somehow always knowing where the next new market would be. He feels a lot of pressure to be able to do well and take over the financial empire once he is finished with his education.

Graeme (from the surname Grantham) means "gravelly homestead", O'Neill = "Descended from champions."

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Name: Georgiana Saltonstall
Nickname: Georgie
Age: 14
Type: Blue Fairy Tiny Fairy Limited G Jasmine WS
Faceup: Default Blue Fairy
Eyes: Enchanted Doll Urethane Milky #14 and Milky #22 (light purple and light blue), 16mm, low dome
Hair: Lavender Grey, sometimes Whisper Blue
Orientation: She'll know when she gets there
Likes: long walks, gardening, her cousins
Dislikes: people wanting her to grow up, romance
Personality: Georgiana is a beauty, and she knows it, and she works at it, but she's not terribly interested in romance. She's very task-oriented and self-motivated, so she doesn't take much notice of what else is going on around her
History: Georgie is the only daughter of the Arkham Saltonstalls, a branch of the prestigious Saltonstall family that was (and remains) a major political force in New England politics. Her father is a Senator. Georgie has only recently started attending The Sorrows, under mysterious circumstances. Her family is not Catholic, after all.

Georgiana (from the masculine name George) means "farmer, gardener", Saltonstall = "Farm in the Willows."

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found via [profile] xaya_tobias:

1) Why do you like BJDs?

I like the look of them, as they are more realistic than say, a Barbie-type doll would be, and not as fragile as a porcelain doll. I love how much you can mod them: it's very easy to radically change their look by just changing the wig, eyes or clothes. For those with more artistic talent, changing the face-up (the way the head is painted) makes even more of a difference. And the more adventurous can even make changes to the mold itself (adjusting the eye or mouth shape, for instance). I like to be able to make/modify clothes for them, learning to photograph them and writing back stories about them. Plus, it's fun collecting them. And most of all, I love how I can take them out to play with and time just flies. It really distracts me at times when my anxiety is acting up.

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No idea what question 11 was supposed to be, so I'll just make up a question when I get to that day.


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