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It's a New Year and I've decided I want to do the A Doll A Week challenge as part of my larger Project 365. Basically, the idea is to post at least one doll photo a week. While it is easy to add the photo onto Flickr, I thought it would be fun to talk a bit about the doll on here as well.

The photo today is of a Hujoo Nano Freya. For Christmas, I ordered a couple of Freyas (a grey and a white) for my husband because he's all about anthro cat-girls. Junky Spot sent along this Nano Freya for free, and actually I adore her. Not sure of the name yet, although I'm leaning towards Luna or Felicity? She's hanging out on my desk, since she's ABS plastic and doesn't break when she gets knocked over. Tsuki (the black cat) has already pushed her down a couple of times, LOL.

As it happens, Bob wasn't that keen on the full-sized Freyas (he didn't like their big heads), so I may sell them on Ebay. He actually liked the Nano Freya better, so if I can sell the other two, I'll get him a little one and he can keep it on his desk. Bob's rather meh about dolls, although he admires the Dollfie Dreams, but they are way out of his price range. He collects action figures and plushies, though.
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