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So the two Kid Delf dolls I ordered from Luts finally came in, after nearly a three-month wait. Looks like mine were almost the last to be shipped from their winter event.

Meet Kaj Utne (Kid Delf Almond) and Ciaran Malachy (Kid Delf Yuz)! Both are white-skin. The other Kid Delfs I have are natural skin, and it does yellow more than the Bluefairy resin. I'm hoping the white skin (which is a bone white) will go into a cream color. But we'll see.

They were originally meant to be brothers, but the molds don't look enough alike. Kaj has a much bigger face/head than Ciaran, and strangely enough, his body is a touch taller. I don't know why, since the bodies should be identical. Luts does more make up on their dolls (Bluefairy tends to be light and almost bland). I had meant for the Almond doll to have darker hair and the Yuz to be a blonde, but as it happened, the Almond had light brown eyebrows, while the Yuz had light black. I hadn't asked for a custom face-up, so I'm guessing that was just their default?

Ah well, the best laid plans...that'll teach me not to work out characters and storylines before I get the dolls in hand!

I had previously ordered them matching red eyes (Enchanted Doll Milky #19 Urethanes) since they would be brothers, but I'm not sure what to do now. The eyes do look fantastic against their pale skin and match their hair well enough, so I might just leave it. It'll just be a were-cat thing.

They came with optional cat ears/tails, but I need to track down some drafting tape (that won't leave residue), so no pictures of those as yet. No, the boys are not vampires. They are were-cats. Because were-cats are awesome.

Ciaran is a bit reserved and cautious. Also a bit of a prude.

Haven't got a handle on Kaj yet, but I get the feeling he can be mean. That smile is hiding some pain.

At this point, the boys are rather mysterious!
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