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Haven't posted here for awhile! Real life has been hectic lately and I haven't had much time for my dolls. But I did manage to fit in a few pics recently.

Luca and Rowena

They're not a couple or anything, but both have troubled pasts and that gives them a sort of sympathy with each other.

A full-length picture. I'm still learning to pose these. Someone on the Dairyland board snarked me last year about not having shoes on my dolls. I do sometimes, but I don't have a lot of doll shoes (I prefer buying wigs!) and when the weather is warm, I tend to run around my house barefoot, so it just seems natural not to put shoes on my dolls since most of my pictures are taken inside the house. I do put shoes on them if they are wearing cold-weather clothes!

Rowena in shadow. It was late in the day when I took these pics, so I'd already lost the good light. This one had a certain softness that I liked about it, and that suits Rowena's character very well. The wig is a new one, one of Leeke's "Soft" colors, a blend of Pink Cocktail and Eve Cream (style LR001_M), that I got in one of Denver Doll's grab bag specials. Not a color I would have chosen normally, but it is interesting--the picture doesn't do it justice. It's very subtle. Have to try to get another shot of it in better light.

I love the grab bag specials! The deal is that you get a completely random wig, although you can choose size and whether it is for a male or female doll. It usually works out to half-price or less. They're often discontinued Leeke Limited colors in less-popular styles. I find it amusing to see what they send me and have enough variety among my dolls that I can usually find one of them that looks good in the color/style. And strangely enough, even though Leeke's quality can be iffy at time, every single grab-bag wig I've gotten has been in great condition.

Why, yes, I am a wig junkie.

Luca in Leeke's LR004_M Pink Cocktail. He's sometimes a challenge to photograph. His sculpt (Bluefairy May) is so very girly, but Luca is all boy. I put him in girly wigs so often (they just look good on him) that I finally decided that Luca is under a family curse where he sometimes changes sexes. This torments him because he very much identifies as male. His last name, de la Poer, is actually from the Lovecraft story "Rats in the Walls", where the narrator descends into madness due to a family curse (actually a common theme in Lovecraft's writings).

It took me a long time to warm to Luca, but now he's one of my favorites.

I took this one of Rosemary a few days ago. Still trying to pin down what her character is like--she doesn't look anything like the company photos, so the backstory I'd imagined for her while I was waiting for her completely did not suit her. Still, she's very cute and sweet and manages to look good in just about anything I put on her! The wig is a Leeke LR048_M Pink Cocktail/Pink Peach.

I'm amazed at the number of pink wigs that I've managed to acquire--my original plan was to only get "natural" hair colors for my dolls, but now probably half of the wigs I have are in fantasy colors (pink, blue, green, turquoise, grey, etc). And what is really funny is that I used to hate pink with a passion! But it was my Gram's favorite color--she wore it all the time. After she passed away in 1999, anytime I see pink it reminds me of her. So now I quite like the color!
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