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Ah, Bluefairy, you live to troll your customers, don't you? First you spring the White Choice, then right after that the tan Marine dolls, and now there's a chance to get your choice of Shiny Fairy May sculpts.

I admit to being tempted, but I just don't collect that size of doll. But I always thought the first Shiny Fairy May sculpt was really cute. Still, I prefer to stay in the MSD size, so I can switch out eyes, wigs and clothes at will. Also, I'm holding out for a Somang release.

Bob did let me order another doll, a Luts Kid Delf Peach (that wig hides a lot of her face--here's a bit more detail). I think she'll make a nice sister (and cat-girl!) for Ciaran, since Kaj just doesn't look that much like him. (Ciaran and Kaj were supposed to be cat-boy twins, but their sculpts were so different that I couldn't make it work for me.)

I like the upturned eyes of this sculpt and her pursed lips. She's a cutie! I almost thought about getting a boy version of the doll instead, but honestly, girl clothes are easier to make, and Bob is rather meh about my boy dolls. I do eventually want to get a Bluefairy Kyle boy, though. No hurry.

Anyway, I have some brown ED eyes coming in that were meant for another doll, but I've grown to like the eyes I have in that doll now. So I'm going to try those brown eyes in Kaj, and the new doll (tenatively named "Niamh", although I might change my mind as I often sometimes do) will get the red eyes he's wearing now to match Ciaran. There's something appealing about brown-eyed blonds and I only have one other boy with brown eyes, and his are more orange.

Luts being Luts, I daresay I won't see her until September or October. The last time I ordered directly from them, it took a little over three months, but looking at their releases in the waiting room thread on DOA, it looks like they're running about six weeks.

Haven't posted much in the way of doll photos lately. I'm still taking them, but I've been shuffling eyes/wigs around, so most of the photos are to help me judge if a look is working for me. So these pics aren't all that good or interesting, nor are they meant to be.
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