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And here is my latest doll. She's a Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Blossom Louisa Valentine. Her name is Daphne Vyse.

This was her full set outfit. Very floofy!

She came with some high heel feet (and shoes), but I don't like them that much.

The bonnet is kinda cute. Not practical at all, but pretty.

This is the chemise of the outfit. It's elegant on its own. I switched her out to her normal feet and put on another pair of shoes that I had around. I like her default wig, but it may go to another doll. Let's see what else I have around.

This one is a Leeke LR-039M in Unique Grey. Very elegant, but too fancy for every day.

Leeke W_031M in Grey Lavender. I have a few wigs in this color that belong to another doll (Georgiana), but I wanted to see how this would look on her, with her purple eyes. It's a great color, very subtle, but since her eyes are so narrow anyway, I think I'd prefer another color. Let's try some pink.

Leeke LR_041M in Peach Pink. It's a difficult style, but she pulls it off. Bob really liked this one.

Leeke LR_078M, also in Peach Pink. Bluefairy has a wig of this same style (Bang Sauvage), but their colors are very limited. I like this a lot.

My favorite so far: Leeke W_031M in Pink Cocktail, which is a mix of pink and blonde. It's just plain long, straight hair with bangs.

And a final shot before I lost the daylight.

Daphne is the first doll I've had with narrow eyes and I admit it has been a challenge to figure out how to photograph her. It does give her character--with a tilt of her head, she can be bitchy, sly or contemplative. I wish I was good enough to capture just how gorgeous she is: her skin and the make-up is so delicate. Daphne was the name I was planning to give her originally. I thought about Elise, which really went well with her default outfit, but once I got her in other clothes and wigs, Daphne seemed a better name.


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