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This one was rather an impulse buy, I'm afraid. I got her back in February--she's a Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Limited Kitten Mittens WS Denis. She'd been on the marketplace a while and then the seller decided to be more reasonable with the price. (I don't care if it's a limited: I'm not paying more than it would have cost for me to buy the doll from the company directly!) She was in beautiful condition and I really like the sculpt. Found some cheap Chinese glass eyes that really go well with her. Urethane is wonderful for taking pics, but some things do better with glass.

Here's a recent pic. Her name is Rowena Kilmeny. I kinda wanted Kilmeny as the first name (it's from a Scottish poem) but it's too obscure and Bob actually vetoed it. But it is a legitimate last name as well, so I went back to my fave story Ivanhoe for the first name.

I love this dress! Bought it at the Dairyland Summer Meet in 2011 from a gal there. It's obviously handmade (seams aren't finished) but is so cute! Unfortunately, one of the sleeves is too tight at the end, so I have to remove the hand to get it on the doll. Keep meaning to take it apart and fix that, but I'm lazy and it's just as easy to slip the hand off the S-hook.
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